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We work side by side with the blockchain platform of your choice, helping to improve the security, transparency, and efficiency of a wide array of processes or applications.


E-voting, Registries, Identification, and fighting corruption


Distributed Time Stamping, Supply Chains, and Operations

Health care

An infrastructure solution for tracking and storing prescription drugs


Electronic Audits, International Settlements, Insurance


P2P lending, E-Auctions, Exchanges, Compliance


Fights against distribution of fraudulent diplomas

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Use Cases

Distributed Timestamping

Exonum offers a new way to prove document authenticity — distributed trusted timestamping. Each document receives a digital fingerprint that is stored on the Exonum Blockchain to verify document existence and integrity at a certain point in time. Notarial and other certificates, prescriptions and coupons are a few use cases where the Exonum platform — protected from forgery and backdating — can be useful.

Supply Chain

Understanding a situation at a specific moment in time can be a challenge in systems where different parties use different internal systems to manage workflow. In this case, blockchain can act as a single point of truth, providing relevant information to all participants. The Exonum framework can manage any business logic to establish a system in which all parties are confident they have all the relevant information.

Digital Rights Management

Big publishing companies involve numerous intermediaries and dictate artists’ rights management, leaving them with only a fraction of their earnings. Exonum can help establish an automatic platform to ensure all parties are taking rules into account. By using the powerful smart-contract system, you can create a transparent and robust money flow control system.


A useful e-voting application requires a central authority and a way to guarantee vote secrecy. Blockchain is the natural solution to these problems and guarantees the integrity in the voting process to all participants. Exonum modular architecture allows easy integration of specific cryptography tools, providing the highest level of transparency while also keeping sensitive data secure.


Existing auctions can abuse their centralized nature and use the power of system maintainers to provide dishonest advantages to some participants. In this case, average users may feel unprotected against malicious parties trying to violate the rules. However, the Exonum smart-contact system can enforce business logic usage to guarantee process integrity and data safety.

Government Registry

Your Exonum Blockchain can be used to create an entirely new process for citizen-government interactions. It can keep records safe while also offering a citizen true control of his or her assets.